Location de villas à Javea Costa Blanca Espagne.

Location saisonniere Espagne: villa costa blanca, location ete sejour vacances espagne
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Legal Information

General Information.
In accordance with the requirements of the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Act 34/2002, of the 11th July and other legal regulations, the following general information is provided for users of the website
1- This website has been created and is maintained at the request of Webvillas Europa s.l., (hereafter Webvillas), which owns the site and any domain names that direct users to it.

2- Webvillas is a rental agency of villas and apartments. It is a limited company and its registered address is:
Webvillas Europa s.l.
Carrer del Cactus, 12
03730 Jávea (España)

3- Webvillas’ tax identification number is B-53502787.

4- Webvillas is entered in the following public registers:

- Alicante Trade Register, book 2389 general, folio 165, seccion 8, page A-619899358, first entry
- Register of the Valencian Community Tourism department with the number CVEE0413-A

5- Users of this site can establish direct and effective communication with Webvillas by writing to the address indicated in section 2 of this General Information document, in addition to any of the following methods:
Tel: (+34) 966471797
Tel: (+34) 966470584
Fax: (+34) 965770178
e-mail: mail@webvillas.net

Terms and Conditions of Use
General Terms and Conditions of Use, which must be read by all site users.

1- General Information These General Terms and Conditions govern the use of Webvillas’ Website, which is accessed via the following main address www.webvillas.net, as well as the URL addresses www.webvillas.es, www.webvillas.net, www.webvillas.nl, www.webvillasferien.de and all addresses that permit direct access to sections or webpages belonging to the Website.
This Website is owned by Webvillas Europa s.l., hereafter Webvillas. Details about this rental agency can be viewed in the general information file, which can be accessed from the home page of this Website.

2- Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions Users are advised to read the General Terms and Conditions governing the Use of this Website, as this is a legally binding agreement.
Using or accessing this Website implies full understanding and acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions as well as any further terms and conditions that Webvillas might establish at any time. Consequently, it is the responsibility of the user or visitor to read carefully the current General Terms and Conditions of Use each time this Website is accessed.
Furthermore, the use of certain services available to users of this Website may also be subject to Specific Terms and Conditions, warnings or instructions that should also be read and unreservedly accepted.

3- Purpose This Website enables users to access and use various services and contents offered by Webvillas or third parties.
The purpose of this Website is to provide commercial information and services; electronic registration for products or services and information about products or services included in the Webvillas Website or other linked sites. All products and services contained in this Website comply with current regulations.

4- Terms and conditions governing access to and use of this Web Site
4.1 Free access
There is no charge to use the Webvillas Website. If any services offered on this Website charge for use, the user will be duly notified of this fact.
4.2 User registration
In general, access to and use of this Website does not require previous user subscription or registration. However, occasionally, certain services may require user registration in Webvillas’ database. In these cases, the user agrees to use the access codes provided (username and password) in accordance with the following restrictions:
The password chosen, which is chosen by the user, must not be unethical or go against generally accepted good practices; it must not damage the rights to honour or the image of third parties, nor infringe upon the industrial or intellectual property rights of third parties in any way. The access codes can only be used by the owner of said codes, who is fully responsible for their protection and correct usage. Webvillas cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred by the user or third parties as a consequence of other people using these passwords/codes, with or without the knowledge or consent of the user. Webvillas will maintain the secrecy of the password chosen by the user.
4.3 Truthfulness of user information
The user guarantees the truthfulness and authenticity of the information and details provided via any application and registration forms that might be required to access certain services. The user is required to keep this information up-to-date so that it reflects reality at all times. Any false or inaccurate declaration that arises as a result of the information or data provided, as well as the damage this information might cause, will be the responsibility of the user.
Webvillas will digitally process this information in accordance with its nature or purpose, under the terms and conditions indicated in the personal data protection policy section.
4.4 Obligation of correct use of services and contents.
4.4.1 The user is obliged to use the services and contents included in this Website correctly, in accordance with the current General Terms and Conditions, laws, morals and generally accepted good practices, as well as public order.
4.4.2 Unless prior and express authorisation has been granted by Webvillas, the contents and services of this Website are for personal use only, and therefore users will refrain from carrying out any acts that could, directly or indirectly, lead to the commercial exploitation of said contents and services.
4.4.3 In any case, users must use the contents and services provided by Webvillas in accordance with current legislation, and shall be held responsible for any conduct or activities that might, in any way, be illicit or harmful to the rights of third parties, or which could damage, obstruct or limit the use of this Website by Webvillas or other users.
4.4.4 Dependent minors shall only be allowed to use the services offered by this Web Site with the previous permission of their parents or legal guardians, which Webvillas shall assume unless otherwise notified. Any operation carried out by dependent minors require, in all cases, the authorisation of their parents or legal guardians.
4.4.5 By way of an example – and it should be noted that the following is not in any way intended as an exhaustive list –users agree not to capture data or contents for advertising purposes and not to transmit or broadcast via this Website any messages, images, photographs, software, data or contents that:
- in any way contravene or infringe fundamental rights recognised by legislation.
- lead to, incite or promote criminal, denigratory, libellous, slanderous, violent or discriminatory actions on the grounds of gender, race, religion or ideology, or actions that are in general against the law, morals or public order.
- are false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated, obscene or extemporaneous.
- are protected by intellectual or industrial property rights owned by third parties, except when prior and ample authorisation has been granted by the legitimate owner.
- damage or might damage the right to honour or personal privacy, the image of third parties or that might infringe regulations pertaining to the secrecy or confidentiality of communications.
- constitute illicit, deceitful or dishonest publicity.
- contain viruses, Trojan horses or any other material or programme that could damage or alter computing equipment or systems.
4.5 Access restrictions Webvillas reserves the right to refuse access to this Website, without previous warning or justification, to any users who fail to abide by the current General Terms and Conditions of Use.

5- Industrial and Intellectual Property
5.1 Industrial Property
Distinctive items (logos and brand names) that appear on this Website, including the Webvillas logo and brand name, are the exclusive property of Webvillas. Consequently, it is forbidden for third parties to use them for commercial purposes without due authorisation. The temporary presence of distinctive items that do not belong to Webvillas on this Website and are not covered in the previous paragraph are used with the authorisation of their legitimate owners, and always with all due respect for their sole rights.
5.2 Domain names
In the same regard as the previous section, the domain name www.webvillas.net and all the domain names that provide direct or indirect access to this Website belong solely to Webvillas. Undue use of these domain names for commercial purposes is considered an infraction of the rights conferred with their registration and will be prosecuted by Law.
5.3 Copyright
5.3.1 The contents, texts, photographs, designs, logos, images, sounds, videos, animation, recordings, computer programmes, source codes, and in general, any intellectual creation that exists on this Website, as well as the Website itself as a complete multimedia artistic creation, are protected as copyright by current legislation governing intellectual property.
5.3.2 In accordance with the above, Webvillas has the sole right to reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, as well as any other economic right to the elements indicated in the previous paragraph, as long as this does not damage the moral rights of the authors.
5.3.3 Exceptions from this protection include any files or computer programmes that are not owned by Webvillas and which are freeware which the user might be able to find and download from various pages in this Website in order to gain access to such pages and to the services offered. In all cases, these are applications that are in the public domain at the express wish of their authors.
5.4 Personal Use
Webvillas gives users permission to view, print, copy or save on their hard drive or any other physical medium, any protected intellectual creations or other contents or assets that may or may not protected by copyright, as long as this is for the user’s personal and private use only, not for commercial or distribution purposes, and so long as the aforementioned contents are not modified, altered or decompiled in any way. This personal use authorisation is only acknowledged when the copyright and industrial property rights warnings included here are respected, and when this use does not require any kind of licence. Furthermore, the user is expressly authorised to download from this Website any computer programmes owned by Webvillas, as long as this is done for the purposes of providing access to the services offered on this Website and for the user’s private and personal use, not for commercial or distribution purposes, and so long as the aforementioned contents are not modified, altered or decompiled in any way, and the version of the original object code or its language are not translated into another code or language. Any other use of the intellectual creations or contents on this Website requires express written authorisation from Webvillas.
5.5 Right to legal action
The use of contents or services on this Website does not imply the concession of any licence or user authorisation of any kind regarding intellectual or industrial property rights or any other right. The user of this Website agrees to respect the rights stated herein and to avoid any action that could damage them; in all cases, Webvillas reserves the right to take any appropriate legal action to defend its legitimate intellectual and industrial property rights.

6- Links
6.1 Links to other web pages that are separate from this Website.
6.1.1 The Webvillas Website contains various links that lead to separate webpages. The only purpose of these links is to provide access to other sources of general information on the Internet or other services offered. The inclusion of these links in this Website is based on respect for the intellectual and industrial property rights of the authors and legitimate owners.
6.1.2 Webvillas cannot be held responsible for the contents of the pages that can be accessed via the aforementioned links, for any modifications made to those webpages, the use that is made of them, or their technical availability. However, Webvillas undertakes to do everything within its power to avoid the existence on its Website of links to sites with illegal contents, which promote illicit racist or xenophobic activities, or which in general might breach principles of freedom and human dignity or interfere with the values and rights recognised by the Spanish Constitution or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The moment Webvillas becomes aware of a link that leads to illicit information, it will act with due diligence to eliminate or invalidate said link.
6.2 Terms and conditions to include a link on this Website.
Any person or company that wishes to create a link from an external webpage or website to any of the pages contained in the Webvillas Website must abide by the following conditions:
Any link to the Webvillas Website shall be made to its home page and shall only comprise the brand name “Webvillas”, “Webvillas Europa s.l.”, “www.webvillas.net”, “www.webvillas.es#8221;, “www.webvillas.eu#8221;, “www.webvillas.nl#8221;, “www.webvillasferien.de#8221; or the graphic brand name “Webvillas Europa s.l.”; it is forbidden to use any other brand name, logo, slogan or other distinctive items owned by Webvillas. No frames, deep-links or image links shall be established to the Webvillas Website without the previous express authorisation of Webvillas itself. No false, inaccurate or incorrect declarations about the Webvillas Website shall be included, or about the services or contents therein. Establishing a link does not imply the existence of any kind of relationship between Webvillas and the owner of the webpage or website from which the link is established, nor the knowledge or acceptance of Webvillas of the services and contents offered on said site. Establishing links that do not comply with the aforementioned conditions will be considered an infringement of Webvillas’s intellectual and/or industrial property rights, protected under the terms indicated in section 5 of these General Terms and Conditions.

7- Debate Forums and Newsletters
Webvillas cannot be held responsible for the statements or opinions expressed in different forums, newsletters, chat rooms or discussion circles that take place on this Website, but it will aim at all times to ensure the correct use of these mechanisms or services, and will defend maximum respect for human dignity and the freedom of expression protected by the Spanish Constitution, reserving in all cases the right to refuse or eliminate interventions with illicit contents, or which it considers inappropriate, without justification or any explanation, as soon as it is aware of such interventions. Users of this service must avoid making any kind of false, abusive, obscene or threatening declarations, or which flout current legislation in any way, and shall treat third parties with respect, regardless of whether they participate in forums, chat rooms and discussion circles or not.

8- Cookies
Webvillas informs users that its website www.webvillas.net contains cookies that have been installed purely and exclusively for statistical or functional purposes. Cookies are small files of information generated through the instructions sent by web servers to browser programmes, and they are saved to a specific directory within the user's computer. In themselves, cookies cannot personally identify the user, although they may contain the user's IP address (anonymous user). This IP address is recorded purely for internal purposes, such as compiling statistics on access to the site, and to monitor the activity of visitors in order to improve the site and its user-friendliness. Most browsers accept the use of cookies automatically. However, users may block access to their computer by selecting the corresponding option in their browser. Deactivating cookies does not prevent websites from being displayed nor does it interfere with browsing.
This website uses measurement tools by Google Analytics, which enable the behaviour and profile of the site's anonymous visitors to be analysed in order to improve the website's performance. This measurement involves the use of third-party cookies. For further information on the Google Analytics privacy and opt-out policy, please visit their website at http://www.google.com/analytics/es-ES/.
Webvillas only uses its own cookies in order to improve navigability for users. The cookies are deleted and deactivated at the end of the session, completely disappearing when users terminate their access.

9- Disclaimer
9.1 Contents:
9.1.1 Information: the information, both belonging to Webvillas and to third parties, which appears on this Website is provided “as is” with no guarantees as to whether it is accurate and up-to-date. Consequently, Webvillas cannot be held responsible for possible damage arising from the use of this information.
Webvillas undertakes to do everything within its power to avoid the existence of illicit contents on its Website, and the moment it becomes aware of these contents, it will eliminate them or block access to them. However, the legality of information provided by third party suppliers, collaborators or users is not guaranteed.
9.1.2 In relation to the previous paragraph, documents published might have technical inconsistencies or unintentional typographical mistakes, for which Webvillas is not responsible. However, the owner of this Website apologises for such mistakes and undertakes to correct said irregularities as soon as possible, and welcomes any comments, rectifications or suggestions, which the user can send to mail@webvillas.net
9.1.3 Minors: Webvillas cannot be held responsible for possible damage arising from the use of its services by minors. Their parents or legal guardians shall be considered responsible for all acts committed by the minors in their care.
9.2 Website Operation:
9.2.1 Privacy: Webvillas cannot guarantee absolute privacy in the use of this Website, since unauthorised third parties may be aware of this use and the circumstances under which it is carried out.
9.2.2 Viruses. Webvillas accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by computer viruses and cannot guarantee their absence.
9.2.3 Technical malfunctions: Webvillas cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions of the Website or any of its services arising from accidental circumstances, acts of God, necessary maintenance work or any other cause not attributable to Webvillas itself.

10- Termination and Modification
Although, in principle, the duration of this Website is indefinite, Webvillas reserves the right to modify, cancel or withdraw its services or contents, partially or wholly, at any time, without previously notifying the Website users.
Furthermore, the information, presentation and services offered on this Website might be subject to periodic or temporary changes that may be carried out freely by Webvillas without having to notify users beforehand.

11- Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction
These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Spanish Law. Any dispute in relation to the Webvillas Website shall be tried by the Spanish legal system; both parties shall be subject to the Jurisdiction of the Law Courts of Denia and its superior hierarchies, and expressly waive their right to the jurisdiction of their courts or any courts other than those mentioned.



Personal Data
Policy Personal Data Protection Policy

In accordance with the Spanish Data Protection Act 15/1999, of 13th December, (hereafter L.O.P.D.), Webvillas Europa s.l. (hereafter “Webvillas”) informs users of this Website of the following:
1. The information provided by users in order to access certain services offered on this Website accessed via the main address www.webvillas.net, among others, shall be digitally processed and included in the corresponding file, which is the responsibility of Webvillas, registered address Carrer del Cactus, 12 03730 Jávea , Spain.
2. When it is necessary to provide personal information in order to use or access a service, the user guarantees that this information is true, accurate, authentic and up-to-date. In this respect, users are obliged to ensure their information is up-to-date so that it reflects the true situation at all times.
3. When providing personal information to access services offered over this Website, and when sending said information via other means, users fully and unreservedly accept the incorporation of the information provided into Webvillas’ files and its digital processing, according to the terms stipulated in this document.
4. Users can exercise their right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose their personal data held on record at any time. They can exercise this right by writing to Webvillas Europa s.l., at Ctra. Cabo la Nao-Plá 122, Urb. La Plaza 14 03730 Jávea, or by sending an e-mail to “mail@webvillas.net".
5. The information registered may be used to carry out the operation the user has registered for, or to manage and improve the services offered by Webvillas, as well as to prepare or offer other operations that might be of interest to the user in the future. This information may also be used to compile statistics and send commercial or promotional information related to said services or other activities.
6. The e-mail address provided by users when signing up for any service offered by Webvillas may be used subsequently by Webvillas to send commercial and promotional information, with the prior consent of the interested parties, which will be taken as granted unless otherwise stated by said parties before completing the registration process. The user may revoke consent at any time by sending an e-mail to mail@webvillas.net.
7. By providing personal information in order to access the services offered through this Website, or by sending this information by other means, users declare that they fully and unreservedly accept that this information might be passed on to any company that is currently, or will be in the future, part of the Webvillas, in order to offer users a personalised service in accordance with their needs. At any time the user may revoke consent by sending an e-mail to mail@webvillas.net.

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